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Our company specializes in the supply of measuring stations for dimensional inspection of electrical quantities devices for tightness testing for crack detection, marking inspected parts.

We perform upgrades and repairs of special purpose machines, including computer management and development of special software.

Dimension, shape and location measuring

Dimensional and other qualitative piece control measuring stations

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Test equipment

Test devices for verification of electrical and mechanical parameters of components or products

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Single- purpose machines

Single- purpose machines for handling and component cutting

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Renovation of facilities

Refurbishment of machines and devices - equipement upgrades, control system upgrades

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Thread checking

Thread and their parameter special checking device

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Information systems

Information systems ensure important information transfer and processing within current and planned servicing

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Tyre run- out measuring

Tyre tread runout contactless measuring systems

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AMS Automation and Measuring in Industry, Ltd.
Bystra 2430/12,
193 00, Praha 9 - Horni Pocernice,
Czech republic
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E-mail : ams@amspraha.cz
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AMS Automatizace a měření ve strojírenství, s.r.o.
Bystrá 2430/12, 193 00, Praha 9 - Horní Počernice, Česká republika
GPS: 50°6'50.723"N, 14°36'4.262"E
Central: +420 281 045 750
E-mail: ams@amspraha.cz