History of the company
Automation and Measuring in Industry AMS Ltd. Prague was established by the industrial production professionals from the Scientific Institute of Tool Machines in 1992.
Throughout its existence the company AMS has gained a solid reputation among the supporters of machines and facilities in the area of measuring and automation in industry. The main focus of the company's work is to specially tailor facilities for individual clients within this field. The company employees, highly skilled and experienced electronic, programming and mechanical construction professionals, are capable of finding a solution to a wide variety of problems arising from this complex industry.
AMS strives to maintain its high standing within the constantly changing area of modern technology by keeping ahead of current trends in the measuring and automation industry. This forward thinking reflects on our flexible solutions to the demands of the client. Our professional ethic is to bring the best possible technology, the right solution, while minimising the cost to the client. This means we can satisfy all clients regardless of company size.
AMS uses the best technology. Only the components of the highest quality from the Czech Republic and abroad are used to deliver maximum reliability and value to the client.

AMS Ltd. - The main business branches
Measuring stations for the inspection of deviations of shape and location in the field of middle/serial production in motor industry, armament industry, production of track vehicles, tool production etc.
Modernising and repair of single function machines including computer management and development of software.
Design and development of specific electronic measuring equipment.
Repair of the electronic components for tool machines.
Construction of computer nets used for measuring.
AMS successfully delivers measuring equipment for the companies that build the ISO quality control system.

What we have already produced for the needs of industry :

Measuring stations for the inspection of deviations in shape and location ISO 9000.For the inspection
of the proportion of

- vehicle valves
- cog-wheels
- gear-box synchronisers
- the profile of the cylinders for the rolling-mills
- tool shanks
- pistol frames etc

Single function machines
- for detection of cracks inside the control bars
- for measuring of deflection shape of vehicle windscreens
- for measuring of paint thickness
- for long-term test of fuel pumps
- for testing windscreen wiper engines
- for testing gear boxes

Specific electronic measuring equipment
- programmable distance meter for distance inspection
- operational measuring equipment for speed and frequency of turbines
- field board computer for measuring fertiliser consumption and dosing
- frequency changer for the coal feeding machines
- airfield power supply regulator 4-32kW
- equipment for accuracy of measurement for numeric indicators
- measuring equipment for drill feed speed of tool machines

Repair and replacement of control systems of
- electrochemical recessing machines
- valve hardening automatic machines
- steam turbine 25 MW
- the Languepin forging press
- the NOKIA cutting centre
- the KALTENBACH automatic parting hacksaw
- ZV tubular flange perforator
- SAFAN shears and presses
- PROBAT spring preselection machines
- machines for sticking tachometer sockets

Modernisation of measuring machines and equipment
- digitising and data output of stiffness meters
- digitising and graphical output of shredders
- digitising of the MAAG gearing meter

Specialised equipment
- measuring data nets for data collection and processing in the ISO 9000 system
- data net for control flow and the quality control in gear-box production
- made-to-order equipment based on the 8051 processors and its clones
- construction of the intelligent electric-distributors
- small serie production of electonic sub-configurations

AMS Automatizace a měření ve strojírenství, s.r.o.
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