Tyres run- out measuring

There is an example of AMS tyre run- out system in the picture supplemented to automatic CEMB tyre renewal line at the automatic wheel balancing standpoint. Tyre run- out measuring is carried out simultaneously with wheel balancing measuring. After wheel balancing measuring initiation, measuring probes are automatically put to specified position. Tyre run- out measuring results are displayed and evaluated on AMS control system screen or eventually further transferred .
AMS measuring system is fully integrated to production line together with automatical tyre run- out detector positioning. It is carried out according currently balanced wheel type while using production line information. For balancing measuring control, staff communication and measured data indication, AMS AM5 system with integrated 6,5" colour screen may also be used.
Wheel balancing measuring can be supplemented by defective wheel colour coding/run- out error/, measured datas transfer to superior server, etc.


AMS system integrated to CEMB line
AMS system integrated to CEMB line
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