Servicing control information system (ISÚ)

This information system enables transfer and treatment of important information in the planned or actual company servicing procedure. The system comprises technical and programmer equipment enabling simple request entering through servicemen intervention on operator panels, servicemen calling through SMS messages, data collection, their database treatment and visualization in computer user's net. In this manner servicing and production staff is continually informed about service work, breakdown reasons and their solving process. They also know of existing stand times generated during equipment reparation. The system was already used in Skoda Auto Inc., vA plant.


AMS PT-1 stationar terminal
AMS PT-1 stationar terminal


ISÚ system basic components:

For ISÚ system purposes, all machines are marked with machine barcode labels. The former one is always stuck on the machine, the latter is removable and for example used for defect report at AMS PT-1/B stationar terminal.
Production workers and servicemen are also equipped with barcode labels and personal numbers. Through these labels or ZEBEX portable terminals, you can comfortably identify certain persons in ISÚ system on stationar AMS PT-1/B terminals.


ISÚ system activity description:

Following currently generated defect solving process, i.e. unexpected servicing intervention, is simply described here. To the system you can currently implement planned service interventions, periodical servicing, preventive controls, machine measuring etc. However, currently generated defects expected to be immediately solved are always most preferred. That's because of rapid stand generation on production equipment that is supposed to be minimalized.
Ordinary process of defect generation and solving at machine equipment is described below:

ISÚ database information can be used through appropriate programme either by servicemen and their management or production workers, i.e. foremen, to monitor for example actual state of reported defect solving. These data’s also enable servicing intervention process monitoring and detection of incidental defect solving interruptions and their causes. Generally ISÚ system supports defect solving and servicemen work rapidity and effectiveness. This work is also simplified through automatic monitoring of all planned and unplanned activities.

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