Process Materials

Production filling expenditure records mean fully coherent data system of particular production filling expenditure obtained through special ZEBEX PLD-20A portable terminals. They are equipped with laser bar-code scanner, which enables label reading as well as machine, production material and personal identification. The system is verified by longer-range production process in Škoda Auto company.

The system is able to solve the following problems of:
-ineffective planning of particular production filling demand
-operating stock miscalculation risk
-single machine long-term production filling expenditure analysis
-in case of planned value persistence, needed precautionary measures can't be made
-supply manager is limited in flexible decision-making when using allocated financial budget


Pořizování dat
Workers issuing process materials are equipped with portable ZEBEX PLD-20A terminals enabling first-rate identification of every service charge expenditure by following data insertion:

The ZEBEX collecting terminal is able to store up to 13,000 samples till the data transfer to local collective PC. This is equipped with a special "filling routine" designated for standard PC containing serial channel, Windows XP/Windows 7 operating system and the basic MS Office 2003/2007 set. This routine is based on MS Jet 4 database core enabling data management in MS Access 2000/XP/2003/2007 format, even without the presence of MS Access programme in the computer. "Filling routine" can be run on multiple PCs on shared network database.


Portable ZEBEX PLD-20A terminal
Portable ZEBEX PLD-20A terminal


Date structure
PC "filling routine" enables the introduction of following tables adequately linked among each other.


Output reports
"Filling routine" contains following expenditure reports:


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