Automatic tester of contactless position detectors (1)

Automatic tester of contactless cylindrical position detectors automatically removed to next measuring position. It is PC-based control system, electronic measuring is made through GPIB communication devices, automatic laser marking and output sorting.

Applications :

When producing many electronic components and complete products, we would best make hundred-per-cent output control. Reliable control process with sufficient capacity and hundred-per-cent documentation can be ensured only by automatic testers.

Above mentioned device demonstrates chance of complete hundred-per-cent contactless position detector checking through PC-based control system.
Windows SW PC-based device contains produced detector databases, measuring configurations including acceptable values, executed measuring and flaw state archiving.
That way, the whole system controlled by computer, supports hundred-per-cent collection of production documents and subsequently SPC and SQC system integration.
Electronic parameter measuring devices are controlled by GPIB bus. Bar-code scanner enables input parameter reading but product marking with flaw description is made through label printer.
All produced and tested detectors are separately classified through laser describing device directly in tester.
The device carries out detector sorting into flawless and flawed ones, which means that it contains unique flaw channel preventing from flawed and flawless product mixture.


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