Automatic station for piston ring lumen control

Automatic station is made of AL-profile frames, the control section equipped with input and output handling appropriate mechanics. From 60 mm to 135mm wide and from 1 to 7 mm thick piston rings are automatically transferred from input loader to exchangeable caliber. Under rotation the whole perimeter slit checking is made through optical lumen. When comparing actual and peripheral lumen permitted values, the ring is evaluated according to ISO 6621-2 Czech governmental standard by the AMS AM6 electronics that is equipped with 6.5-inch color LCD display. There are output loaders for flawless as well as flawed rings placed on measuring station output. The station also contains Ethernet network interface to be connected to internal LAN net.

Concerning accuracy, measuring instrument corresponds to following conditions :
Diameter tolerance: +0,001/-0 d1
Roundness tolerance: 0.0001 d1max.


Overall view
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