Single- purpose drilling machine

PLc control system operates single- purpose drilling machine equipped by more spindles.
Piece clamping is made manually, drilling cycle is fully automatically operated.
It concerns build- to- order production according to customer requirements.


Efficiency and price optimised machine for given application.

There is often requirement in the mass production for solving problem of hole drilling to produced pieces.CNC center usage would often be rather expensive and complicated for given application, therefore usage of single- purpose machine optimised for given operation is more suitable.

AMS company carries out for example construction and delivery of single- purpose multispindle drilling machines for piece cutting in mass production. Clamping to mounting device would be manual, drilling cycle is made fully automatically.
Control system is based on PLC, the machine is operated through push- button panel. Text or for example graphical operating panel of more complicated machines concentrated on parameter entering would be set up. The very machines as well as control system can be equipped by efficient industrial computer with larger capabilities of visualization, programmer editing, firm data net connection etc.

Drilling machine


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