Semi- automatic stations

Our company delivers random and hundred percent control of measuring station designated for checked piece manual insertion and its following automatic measuring.

Resharpened hob face geometry checking device

Special measuring station with motor driven rotating holder and measuring probe. It is managed by industrial PC based through AMS AC5 measuring system. After manual insertion into the station, the automatic measurement is carried out and then hob teeth basic parameters, i.e. mainly hob face profile and teeth pitch parameters are calculated.

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Steering pinion geometry control device

Special measuring station equipped with measured pinion motor-driven rotation, space measuring probe and involute measuring probe. The station is controlled by AMS AC4 electronics on industrial PC-based system. After pinion manual insertion, automatic measuring is made. Consequently the basic parameters, i.e. pinion involute gearing and pinion teeth pitch as well as pinion body selected diameters, are calculated.

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Measuring station for finished cast control

Position, pitch, flatness and main diameter control station with cross- evaluation of piece shape and position deviations

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Measuring device for piston ring working surface control

Station for working surface shape and piston ring parameter measuring

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Semi- finished and finished piston ring control measuring station

Station for piston ring position, pitch, run out and diameter general control and evaluation of their shape and position deviations

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Thread parameter measuring

Semi- automatic inner- thread ring measuring station

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Tyre run- out measuring

Tyre run- out measuring on manual equalizing machine

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