Semi- finished and finished piston ring control measuring station

The measuring station is made of AL-profile frame consisting of seven measuring stands. Various types of rings can be separately measured there. In the first stand, internal piston cone design is checked by gauge nesting. The second dynamic stand measures inner piston surface profile and inner piston thread parameters. In the third and fourth stand, outer diameters of defined ring surfaces are measured.
The fifth stand is designated for dynamic measuring based on rotation. Measuring is made through radial and axial piece contacting with the air-operated in feed and transfer to measuring position. In the sixth and seventh stand, the ring can be fixed on a rotating transducer with cone surface. There are systems of three radial and two axial scanning contacts round the clamp being also equipped with the air-operated in feed.

Embedded ring parameters are gradually measured in separate measuring stands. At first separate measured values are evaluated, then the total ring quality standard is assessed. Measured values are stored in the programmed database designated for statistical analysis.


Overall view
Overall view
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